Begin saving with Geothermal

Ray’s Refrigeration, Inc. offers a complete line of geothermal heating and cooling systems to economically heat and cool your home. We are a Water Furnace Pro Master authorized installing dealer serving western Ohio and eastern Indiana.

A geothermal ground loop system is the most advanced environmentally friendly heating and cooling system on earth. Geothermal systems circulate a water-based solution through a loop of underground pipes. When heating, this solution absorbs heat from the earth and carriers it to the geothermal unit which transfer this heat to your home. When cooling, the process is reversed, and the resulting cool air is delivered to your home.

Any time the geothermal system is operating, your domestic hot water heater is supplied with 130 degree water. Geothermal systems are extremely energy efficient since they need only a small amount of electricity to power the water pump, compressor and fan.

At nearly four times the operating efficiency of regular heating and cooling system, a geothermal comfort system typically delivers up to four times more energy than they consume, so you save on your monthly energy bills when compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. And because it requires no outdoor unit, the system is quieter to operate.

How it works

Design, Installation and Maintenance services

Ray’s Refrigeration Inc. is with you every step of the way. We offer complete design, installation and maintenance services for Water Furnace geothermal systems, including:

  • Heat loss computer analysis to determine equipment sizing.
  • Complete ground loop installation either horizontally, vertically or pond.
  • Installation of loop flow center pumps.
  • Installation of indoor blower coil unit with computerized system controls.
  • Connection of desuperheater piping to domestic hot water heater.
  • Installation of ductwork system with balancing dampers.
  • Installation of zoning dampers and thermostatic controls to allow even air flow.
  • System check out and customer certification.

THE DIFFERENT Geothermal Loops

Basic Geothermal Energy Sources

Closed-loop systems circulate a water-based solution through a "loop system " of small-diameter, high-density polyethylene underground pipes. Closed-loop systems can be installed horizontally, vertically or in a pond. Open-loop systems use an existing water well or surface water. Whether the system is open or closed, heat is transferred to or from the structure, regardless of outdoor temperature, to provide year-round comfort.

Horizontal Loops

Often used when adequate land surface is available. Depending on geothermal system needs and space available, pipes are placed in trenches that range in length from 100 to 400 feet.

Vertical Loops

The ideal choice for a geothermal heat pump when available land surface is limited. Well drilling equipment is used to bore small-diameter holes from 100 to 400 feet deep.

Pond (Lake) Loop

Economical to install when a large body of water is available for use by the geothermal heating & cooling system. Coils of pipe are simply placed on the bottom of the pond / lake to capture the geothermal energy.

Open Loops

Use for Well-Water Systems. In ideal conditions, an open-loop application can be the most economical type of geothermal system. These use groundwater from a well as a direct energy source.